About BMF

At BMF we assist clients with achieving their commercial goals on time and within budget.

Collaborating with law firms around the world, we use a professional and pragmatic approach to secure intellectual property protection, support transactions and implement strategies to enable product launches.

In-house, out-sourced services

We are proud to differentiate ourselves from traditional IP boutiques. Rather than siloing our business functions, BMF experts work together to provide support far beyond core roles.

Our service delivery is tailored to facilitate the role of in-house counsel, R&D and marketing directors by integrating our attorneys within your technical, legal and managerial teams.


We operate a paperless office and encourage remote working to facilitate a healthy work-life balance for our employees and to ensure business continuity in adverse times.

Our Team

We value our staff and support them professionally by helping to meet their aspirations, with the belief that staff contentment is a prerequisite to outstanding professional service provision.