Our focused, professional advice is tailored to deliver optimal and imaginative outcomes. Clients value our ability to manage proactively their patent, trade mark, and design portfolios.


By leading regular reviews across portfolios we ensure strategic objectives are achieved, whether maximising return on R&D investment, delivering licensing revenue or whatever other aims are driving our clients’ IP strategy.

We tailor our approach, enabling us to work with all types of companies, whether start-ups needing to ramp up patent protection to secure value for investors, SMEs needing to maintain and expand market share, or the creative industries looking to protect new trade marks and/or aesthetic designs.

Established companies value our support in managing IP budgets.  We also work carefully through the ebb and flow of new product development to clear, secure and police new trade marks and registered designs

We invest in technology and people to deliver a robust case management system. We provide clients with the dedicated professional support and comprehensive records management needed to maintain their portfolios.


We have extensive experience in securing patents, trade marks and registered design rights on your behalf and have prepared, filed, and prosecuted IP rights worldwide.

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