We have vast experience of working with clients looking to launch new products, brands, and services with freedom to operate (FTO) assessments. We provide best practice advice with regard to FTO implementation for patent, design and trade mark matters at all stages of development.

Our comprehensive FTO assessments, based on targeted searches, are delivered to order, and are grounded in our commercial awareness and rigorous legal expertise.

Our opinions also provide clear and straightforward launch strategies tailored to the client’s risk appetite. We offer comprehensive third-party watch services to alert our clients regularly to any new rights that may conflict with their commercial interests.

We implement an ongoing FTO procedure to meet our client’s needs, based on the stage of their business, the competitive landscape, and the intellectual property in question.

Dispute Resolution

As well as securing rights, we routinely work with clients to manage IP disputes, whether in defence of their own assets, or when challenging those of others.

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